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How to create a blog on your WordPress business site

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS as it currently powers 455 million websites out of the total 1.6 billion sites in the world. This is very much attributed to its easy to use interface. You don’t even need to create a website from scratch, thanks to the millions of pre-built sites that you can install from your dashboard.

When it comes businesses, WordPress has its share as well. Their WooCommerce plugin has more than 80 million downloads. But that’s not all, statistics have shown that even big companies have their websites built on WordPress: In the US alone, about 62 percent of top 100 fastest growing companies use WordPress. Some of the big corporations and complex websites you think are coded are actually WordPress sites. There’s virtually no type of website that you can’t create with WordPress, even cryptocurrency sites.

Your business needs a website to make an established presence online, whether you partner an agency like Stanoz Designs or you just happened to create one yourself. Today we will walk you through on how you can create a blog on your WordPress business site. You can check out our post on why you should blog on your business website.

  • First, create a new page and title it Blog.
  • Next access the settings tab on your dashboard and click on reading.
  • Select the static pages option to reveal Homepage and Posts page options.
  • Click on the Homepage option and select your site homepage.
  • Click on posts page and select the Blog page you created.
  • Inside the box below “blog pages show at most”, type in any figure not less than 10
  • Click on save.

And you are done. Your Business website now has a blog. You can then proceed to posts tab on your dashboard to start creating content.

You need no further actions to take as the posts will automatically appear on your website homepage.

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