WordPress 5.6 CODE IS POETRY: Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Update

The new WordPress update version 5.6 is now available today. This version is the latest in the WordPress series and comes with cool new features gor all. Before you update, here’s what you need to know about the latest WordPress version.

What’s New with 5.6?

Greater Flexibility

The new 5.6 update brings new tools that mKes it easy to edit your layouts with single column blocks, mixed widths and column, full width headers and cover block videos.

Expanded Automatic Updates

Auto updating is better improved and expanded in the new 5.6 update. With the previous version of WordPress 5.5 and older, it has only been developers that can perform automatic updates of WordPress. But that is now history with the new 5.6 update. You can now easily auto update your WordPress site with just a click of a button on your dashboard.

New Accessibility Feature Plugin

Have you been looking for how to let users know about how committed you are in their accessibility of your site? Then worry no more because WordPress 5.6 now has a new plugin that lets you update and publish your accessibility statement with ease.

New Twenty Twenty One Theme

As usual with every WordPress update, a new default theme comes with the package. But unlike the other usuals, the new Twenty Twenty One theme comes with amazing and cool new features. Some of these features include built-in array of block patterns that lets you play around with images and colours.


Rest API authentication and application passwords

Third party apps can now connect with ease to your site, thanks to the new Rest API, which also lets you what apps are connected to your site, as well as have control over how they behave on your site.

PHP 8 Support

The new WordPress 5.6 comes with the latest version of PHP. PHP is of course the source code of WordPress so is the parent language for all sites running WordPress. The latest PHP 8 is board the new WordPress update, and more so, there’s Developer support should you come across any issues.


While the new update comes jQuery updates which runs across three WordPress Updates of 5.5, 5.6 and 5.7. There’s also support should you encounter issues affecting how your site looks or how content is displayed on your site

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