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So now you’ve set up your business website and have now established yourself on the internet. Now you can give off your web address to customers when they ask and even add the link on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles. Then what next? Yeah, what next?

Next is, you realise your website is just sitting there on the internet doing nothing. The internet knows you have a business website hosted on some server somewhere in the small wide world. But then how do your customers find you? You can’t just be telling each and everyone single person that walks into your restaurant, or your office or just about any physical location that you now have a website up and running. And what’s worse, those are only people you see, what about those who are not in your geographic location.

Granted, you consider advertising, but how much are you willing to spend just to create awareness of your website, also putting into consideration that you’re a small business or probably a start up. Even if you’re some big established company, it costs quite a fortune running ads. And when you don’t even know which type of ads to run or where to run them, then you think of hiring an expert, say, an ads manager or a digital agency like Stanoz Designs.

Then when you finally squeeze out a budget for advertising, you get to realise something else. Ads, whether search engine, social media or display ads, are for a limited time frame. Then do you continue advertising which will greatly impart your budget. I mean, advertising is good when it comes to creating awareness, but, you also have to keep your budget in mind.

Then we come to the foot of blogging. So you ask, what’s a blog? Wikipedia defines a blog as a discussion or informational website published on the world wide web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts). A blog is website right. You’ve known that now. Then it brings us to the next obvious question. Why blogging? You already have a website, why do you need another website just to be publishing content. Then other questions arise as well, do you need to create another website entirely different from your already existing website, or do you add the blog somewhere on your website?

Well, you don’t need to create another website. Infact, CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, which may also be the platform your website is built on, makes it easy to create a blog on your business or company website. But not to worry, we will show you just how to create a simple blog on your website and publishing content.

So, what then is the purpose of a blog. Why blogging? This is simple. The purpose of a blog is to provide content that answers questions about your business and provides your customers with the answers to what your business is about, the services and products you offer. But it doesn’t end there seeing that some of that information is already on your homepage.

It all boils down to SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, it’s a process of increasing visibility to your site by search engines. And a blog is great for SEO.

Your website will have to be indexed by search engines in order for it to show up when a user enters a search query with keywords pointing down to your website. But a blog does even much more. Imagine this, you write a blog post titled, “Best chicken fry recipe in Kentucky”. And you have a restaurant website. This post shows up in SERP– search engine results pages, and voila, the customer is quick to see that you’re a restaurant that shared such a nice recipe. The user can end up ordering a chicken pack off your site, thus you make profit. You can also include a pop up that offers new customers a special discount or when they subscribe to your newsletter.

You have not only attracted traffic to your site, but a converting one, making users take action on your website, either purchase a product or service or signing up to your subscriber list. And this you achieved with just a blog post, without breaking a sweat.

Get ready and don’t fall of your horse coz in our next post, we will be sharing with you how you can create a blog on your WordPress business/company website and start creating content.

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