Don’t Rush To Buy The iPhone 12: Here’s Why

As new serious display problems are confirmed

While the new iPhone 12 series might be the phone on everyone’s mind, with some already swapping their old phones for it. The iPhone 12 is undoubtedly the latest smartphone in town now and is on everyone’s wishlist. But, before you hurriedly purchase the new gig, you might want to read this this and stick with your 11 Pro.

Information as obtained from MacRumours says that the iPhone 12 as fast selling as it is, is selling with serious display problems that many owners are already furious about. While Apple has already acknowledged this, but it is yet to solve the problem. The iPhone 12 is reported to have significant display problems ranging from flickering to green and gray glowing and other problems as well.

The iPhone 12 which launched on October 23 has since been selling like hot 🍰. But what many do not know is that the smartphone has been selling with serious display problems. And display issues are the worst you can have on any smartphone. As it is unarguably the most powerful phone on the planet with the A14 Bionic Chipset. Also being the first phone ever to come built on a 5nm Process Technology. And while The iPhone 12 boasts of unbeatable feat in the camera department, especially the Night Mode feature and Dolby Vision display quality, a serious problem such as these affecting the same display shouldn’t be happening.

Similar problems greeted the iPhone 11 Series after it was launched. Users regrettably announced scratches and smudges on their 11 Pro screens, contrary to the ‘Scratch Resistant’ claim by the company.

Apple’s response to this is rather upsetting as it has instructed Authorized Service Providers “to avoid servicing affected iPhones, at least for now”. This is despite the blaring proof of photos from affected users. This is totally unacceptable because Apple had replaced some units of the iPhone 11 under warranty when it was reported to have have similar green tint display issues. But Apple’s decision and the cold order to its Service Providers is unwanton. One can guess they would want to try and fix the problems of the iPhone 12 with an iOS update.

Apple should ensure it does not repeat this with rumours already filtering in of an iPhone 13. Except they want it to become a trilogy, consecutive problems in Apple history, they should fix all problems, and possibly, replace all affected iPhone 12’s

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