Best 2020 How To Make Money Online Ideas

There have been many articles and posts on how to make money online in 2020. And yes, in case you don’t know, you can make money online in 2020 especially with the Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world. The virus has opened a lot of doors and brought opportunities to cart in wealth, even as many economies are going down. So sit back and sip a coffee while you explore these best ideas that works plus the capital and skills you need. We listed them from the least to the best income.

1 Blogging

Blogging is a sure way to make money online in 2020. This is one of the easiest and best ways to make money online. With the current situation of things in Nigeria following the #EndSars protests and killings, one could sure make money by just blogging about the protests and so on. Most blogs today are news centric. Or you can find a niche, build and grow your reputation and become an authority. You can make money from affiliates, ads or influencing.

Skills: You don’t pretty much need any major skills in setting up a blog. You can blog with a smartphone or laptop.

Capital: You only need a hosting plan and domain. Most hosting companies like Bluehost offer free domain names with their hosting plans. Then your internet. And the best part is, you don’t even need to be blogging everyday. You can set up a blogging frequency which also has a good impact on your blog SEO. We at Stanoz Designs can help you get started with a simple blog of your own if you don’t know how to go about or find it rather confusing as per the set up, just hit the WhatsApp button at the lower left side of your screen and send us a dm. We would be happy to help.

2 Pod Cast Editing

Having a podcast is a good way to make money, but most times, most people do not have the skill set to edit audio for their podcasts. You can become a podcast editor and get paid by podcasters for editing their audio. Its just like editing a YouTube video, you don’t just record a video and upload. So also, people will not be interested to listen to any junk in the name of podcast.

Skills: Skills are basic sound editing skills. Knowledge of editing softwares can come in handy here.

Capital: You don’t spend much, its not same starting a podcast.

3 Online Course 

Starting an online course website is a sure way to make money online in 2020. You can sell your knowledge in form of courses that people can access online. You can still place ads on your site, and offer ad free session for a subscription fee, either monthly, quarterly or annually. Or you can sum the entire course in a PDF and sell them on your website. There are many courses to tutor online, such as digital marketing courses, web design, software, programming languages, graphics design, arts, cooking, make-up, architecture, and so much more.

Skills: The skills needed here are much of your own knowledge, and a few web design skills.

Capital: same as blogging

4 YouTube Video Editor: Same as Pod Cast Editing.

5 Selling Second Hand Items

You can make money selling second hand or used items on marketplaces such as eBay. Its pretty similar to having an e-commerce store, only you have to find the used items from their owners wanting to sell. And this you can get from Market places like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

Skills: Your negotiating power is all you need. You also need to be able to identify good deals. 

Capital: You will need a bit of cash to start.

6 Influencer:

You can make money by influencing for brands, companies, labels and so on. You can also be the face of these brands or companies, make videos to promote them and their products and get paid for it. There are already big earners in the influencer industry on social media, especially Instagram. Instead, you can be influencing with videos on your YouTube channel. You can also do voice-overs for promotional videos. 

Skills: Medium skills. If you’re an actor, a voice-over artist, audio-visual professionals and marketers, then you stand a better chance.

Capital: This is the only drawback as you will need enough cash to start, if not high cash.

7 Dropshipping

Just like being a middle man for the buyer and seller, you can make very good money in 2020 from Dropshipping business. You just have to supply a customer’s or buyer’s order from the store, and voila, you get paid. 

Skills: Skills are just medium skills. You also have to deliver quality goods and on time, so good marketing skills should come in handy here.

Capital: Capital requirement is on the medium scale.

8 Forum or Membership Site

This is one of the best ideas to make money online in 2020. And one of the easiest. With a simple wordpress or blogger site, you can start a forum where users register, login and share their views on tooical issues. Or you can create a membership site where certain valued and important content are available only to paid subscribed members. Membership sites don’t just have to be about discussions alone or just subscription as per news sites. You can start a membership site and give special alerts for cheap hotel deals, flights, tickets, 

Skills: Same skills as starting a blog. You also need to know the good WordPress membership plugins to get started.

Income: Mostly same as a blog or website.

9 Directory Sites

Creating a directory or listing site is a good idea for making money online in 2020. With many businesses, SMEs and start-ups, you can create a site where such come together and get listed so as to be found in searches. This also helps in boosting SEO of websites of your listings as listing in local business directories is a part of digital marketing. You can also create job listings and entrepreneur communities.

Skills: Same as Forum and Membership site or blog.

Capital: Same as above. 

10 Testing Websites

You can make good money online from testing people’s websites. Building a website is one thing, but it is entirely another thing to know how your website functions. This has to do with the UX and layout of your website. So you can get paid for testing out these websites to know their use and ease of navigation and functionality, be able to identify lag problems and offer beat solutions to it.

Skills: You will need just basic UI and UX knowledge and principles.

Capital: Capital requirement is on the low scale

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