#EndSars: Beware of these EndSars scams people are already falling for

The past few weeks have seen a bit of unrest in our dear nation Nigeria. The youths are on a revolution as i choose to call it with began with a peaceful protest seeking for the disbandment of the Fsars security outfit in the country who have succeeded only in wasting innocent lives, robbing citizens and other brutal behaviours.

Just this week Tuesday, the protest took another dimension with the Nigerian military opening fire on peaceful, unarmed protesters at Lekki Toll Gate and killing scores and injuring many, while still vehemently denying participation in such savage, barbaric and unwanton killing, amidst probing evidences.

Now what is worrisome is that while the heroes are out there in the heat of the situation, some unscrupulous elements have decided to take advantage of the situation and perpetrate their evil schemes on unsuspecting nigerians. 
Even in this time and in the face of the ongoing unrest, aimed at finding a final solution to the evils of corruption and bad governance in the country, some imbecils have decided to take up the opportunity to scam their fellow citizens. Now, are they not worse than the thugs sent to attack and disrupt the peaceful movement of the youths.
Stanoz Designs has observed and has gathered a few of these dubious acts in the name of online scams, to which, very sadly, some people may have been victims of.
These scams include:
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