#EndSARS: Why Kill Unarmed Protesters But Release Terrorists

First of all, a minute silence for all those who lost their lives at Lekki toll gate and other states yesterday. May their souls rest in the bossom of the Lord.

The on going #endsars protest in Nigeria has taken a turn for the worst when the security agencies that are supposed to protect protesters began shooting and killing them.

Where in the world have security agencies killed protestersWhen the Nigerian Army announced its annual Operation Crocodile Smile, it stated it had nothing to do with protesters. But alas, it has happened.

The big question is, Why kill Unarmed Protesters But Release Terrorists?

Some months ago, the federal government released some Boko Haram suspects who were arrested with  the notion of reintegrating them back into the society.  These are terrorists, who have wasted many lives, rendered many homeless and made others displaced in their homeland.  

Why will the federal government of Nigeria kill unarmed youths who are protesting for the betterment of Nigeria. Is it no more part of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria as ammended to hold peaceful protests.

Is it not the duty of the Nigerian Army and security agencies to protect the  lives of citizens against any threat. What threat has unarmed Protesters posed that warranted their unwanton killing by the Nigerian Army.

And what is the UN doing about this. Has the UN sanctioned killing of unarmed citizens in their member states? Why has the world body kept mute on this killings? Are the waiting for another war to break upon us?

Why be in a union such as UN when member states are left to settle their affairs themselves, especially unwanton killings?

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