Mars Spacecraft Sends Self Into Hibernation As Agency Says Spacecraft Has Technical Problems

NASA’s Mars Spacecraft has sent itself into hibernation after experiencing technical problems.

The spacecraft was sent into space on Thursday last week. During the launch, the spacecraft was in perfect condition despite an earthquake occuring during liftoff of which NASA received its first signal from the spacecraft. 
The spacecraft which was headed for Mars sent telemetry data to mission controllers indicating that there had been a problem. 
The signal received which arrived on Thursday showed that the spacecraft had sent itself into hibernation. This is known as “safe mode”, a state where all systems are shut down except for the essential ones till new messages are received from mission control on Earth. Hibernation state as seen by animals is a condition which allows the spacecraft to protect itself in cases of unexpected conditions and is triggered when the onboard computers receives data indicating something is amiss. 
While NASA’s thinks the hibernation was triggered as a result of a part of the spacecraft being colder than expected while still in Earth’s shadow, the spacecraft has left Earth’s shadow and temperatures are normal as NASA revealed in an update. 
This Mara Spacecraft will be the US ninth successful landing on the red planet, as they are the first country to ever successfully land a spacecraft on Mars.
China on their own side is sending a rover while the UAE already has an orbitar en route to Mars.

Image Credit: NASA

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