Step By Step Guide To Add XML Sitemap To Blogger

A sitemap is a directory of all pages on a website or blog that search engines use to discover pages on a site. It also enables search engines’ robots to better discover all web pages that they may have missed during crawling.

Why Add Sitemap To Blogger?

As you may already know, blogspot has a default sitemap from Google which is in XML format. Google accepts both XML and Atom RSS sitemaps. But the problem with the default blogger sitemap is that it only indexes or rather contains only the most recent web pages or blog posts. This means that any older blogs  on your blogger site are likely to be missed by search bots during crawling.

How To Fix This

You can fix this problem by creating a sitemap for your blogger site. This has a huge impact on your site’s SEO as search engines will not rank high any site their bots cannot crawl.

How To Create Sitemap For Blogger

There are 3 simple steps to create Sitemap for your blogger site (herein refers to sites or blogs with eg, or sites with a custom domain but hosted on the blogger platform)
1 Generate a sitemap for your blogger site. This is done by simply visiting Sitemap Generator
2 Type in your blogger site url as it is, either with https or http or the custom domain, if any. Then the sitemap for your site will be generated in matter of seconds. Copy the sitemap from user-agent*
3 Go to your blogger dashboard, click on settings >>> search preferences >>> Custom robots.txt (under crawlers and indexing) >>> edit, paste the sitemap you copied from the sitemap generator, >>> yes >>> save changes.
And you’re done. You now have a sitemap for your blogger site for enhanced crawling of Google, Bing search bots.

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