How Google Let Expire, Breaking Millions Of Indian Blogs

Google loses ownership of domain to provider, is now for sale at $5,999.

Millions of users of Google’s Indian version of blogspot now have broken blogs. is the domain for the Indian Google Blogger service. It is called Indian because more than 4 million of blogs using the url are registered in India.

Google deliberately allowed the domain to expire last month June. This is coming after its region specific URLs implementation of 2012 and discontinuation of the practice two years ago.

Back in 2012, Google implemented a region specific URL feature that redirects blogger blogs to region specific blogspot URLs, depending on where the link is being accessed from. is a domain owned by Google (purchased) which they have kept up and running up till this time. But, when the time came to pay their registration fee and renew their ownership of the domain, Google simply let time pass and the domain to expire.

There have not been any word from Google as to why they let the domain expire.

Now reports have it that has been bought by an indian based domain provider on June 24 and is being sold at the price of $5,999 (4.49 Lakhs) on the Seudo Domain Marketplace. This is something that can trigger malware, Black Hat SEO practices and scams.

However, the domain is still very much activeas it can still be used to access the broken Indian Blogs with domain.  The Indian bloggers have to manually change (redirect) their blogs to

While Google has not yet issued a statement, a growing concern is over the possible hacking of the blogs to become used for malicious and harmful activities and scammers, and there are just too many of them, 4 million blogs to be exact.

The blogspot blogs are very much alive and functioning as they should as blogs but the domain used in accessing them are no longer working. When you try to open a blog with .in domain, you will see “Server IP Address could not be found” error

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