How To Easily Install Templates On Blogger

Templates are a good way to create professional websites with blogger. Your website should have should be beautifully organized with the relevant and important sections showing on your homepage. This makes visitors to interact with other pages of your site.

To add templates to your blogger site:
Login to the blog you want to add templates
Click on theme in the dashboard.
Click on customise button in red.
Click on the three dots next to customise button.
A new pop up appears, click on restore.
Another pop up appears, click on upload.
Select the XML file of the template you want to upload. This must be unzipped from the template zip file and it’s found inside the template folder in downloads of your file manager.
After you select, click on upload on the blogger interface and wait for it to upload.
Then click view blog to see how it looks on how site.
You can return to blogger dashboard and click on layout to customize the templates look to your site preference.

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