How To Easily Monetize Blogger: Best AdSense Alternative

Blogger is the Google CMS for building websites. It is a free host which means you don’t have to spend money on hosting and renewals. Just like anyother CMS, blogger is monetizable. Being a Google owned platform, it has direct access to other Google’s services such as Google Analytics, Search Console and of course, Google AdSense. AdSense is the advertisement Network from Google that pays you for ads displayed on your website.

AdSense is the most popular adnetwork, but not the only one. And as a popular service, they have laid down guides and rules you must follow in order for your website to be approved. Getting AdSense approval these days takes some time.
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While AdSense doesn’t have fast approval, there are many other adnetworks with fast approval for your website. But most of these sites do not accept blogger, that is if your site is a blogspot site, basically because it is a free host site.

Today, you will get to know some adnetworks that actually accept blogger and are fast in approval. It takes less than a day or two to monetize your site with them. Simply register, add your website, add their text code and it’s done.

The fast best AdSense Alternative in Monetizing blogger is

Pop Ads

Pop Ads is an adnetwork that is popular for their push and pop ups type of ads. They display all kinds of ads, you just have to choose which ones you want and paste on all your pages. They also have Anti Adblock ads which makes sure you’re not loosing revenue from adblockers. There’s also the standard As codes. To add your site to Pop Ads for fast approval, simply go to their website popads

The second is:

AdSpyGlass is a great way to monetize blogger and make money. They have different as formats such as popunders, slider, push, banner, interstitial, in-page push as well as anti Adblock. You can get your blogger site on AdSpyGlass here. Also if you wish to advertise your website or business, you can also do so with AdSpyGlass by clicking here

So without any delay, get your blogger site monetized today and start Making Money Online.

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