7 Reasons Every Person/Business Should Have A Blog (Even Bill Gates Has A Blog)


A blog is a regularly updated website or web page that is run by an individual or small group, written in an informal or conversational style.

The verb definition says, “to add new material or regularly update a blog.

Do you know that Bill Gates has a blog? Search Bill Gates blog on Google to see for yourself.

Now the question is, why should every one and every business have a blog? Is it necessary? Is it important? You will get to know the answer to these questions as you read this “Blog” post.
This article will be split into two categories: Individual and Business.


As an individual, you may ask, Why Blog? Now here’s why you should have a blog:


A blog can be a great source of income. And not just a passive income or revenue, but a full six figure income. Some of the big guns in blogging world make upto millions of dollars per month with a blog. And the best part is, they don’t even blog every day.

Improve Your Writing Skills

What better way to improve your skills and ability as a writer than blogging. By picking a niche, you get to know what people in that area are searching for and blog on it. You also learn the art of copywriting and become a copywriter. Then you can do freelance jobs for people who need such killer articles as yours and even make more money.

Learning New Skills.

Believe it or not, Blogging teaches you what you never knew about the internet. For instance, keywords and search queries. These are what people input in the Google search box and search engines utilize them to bring you answers to what you’re searching for. Blogging makes learn things like understanding search engines and how they work, SEO and internet. Best of all, you learn how to build websites, learn hosting and domain integration. It also teaches you marketing skills- content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing. Soon you get to learn CMS like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Shopify, Preta and so on. You also learn some bit of graphics and designing. Blogging is the best way to learn technological skills.

Self Promotion

As a blogger, you get to promote yourself, gain popularity and fame and build a reputation, especially when you’re a niche blogger. Eg, Linda Ikeji of Lindaikejisblog, Paschal Okafor of Naijatechguide, Michael Carrington of Tech Crunch, Jessi of the Coffee Mom Blog.

As A Business

As a business, you may ask, why a blog? Probably your business already has a website of say, 1-10 pages. Now here’s why.

Getting Found/Exposure

Having a business website is not all. Especially when your business is the kind that has services. People will not find your service by just going to Google and typing your service. You need a blog to do that for you. Assuming you have a construction company website and you blog about— “Latest Innovations In Building A Bridge”, “Skyscrapers: How They Are Built”, “What To Know Before Building That House”, “Cost Of Building A Duplex In Nigeria”— these blog posts help you get found on search engines and when you already have these on your blog, people also get to see what services you offer. People don’t just read and go, they will want to find out where it is coming from, and the first place they look at is your header, “Tech Construct- Building Tomorrow”. But then, just a blog post brought them to your site.

Extra Profit

Blogging serves as the content of your website and this makes advertising companies know that your site is monetizable. Other advertisers can want to  advertise on your site and they pay you for this.

Building Your Brand

Blogging helps you build and establish your business. It shows you know what you’re doing. With a blog, your business website has already established a space in the internet. Also, you can offer promotions, discounts to attract your customers (internet users) and tell them you have them in mind.


There’s no better way to market your business than a blog. You can have a website, but what tells your customers of your new product or service, an update in your terms and how it affects their relationship with your business? A blog. Whether social media or email marketing, you get to tell your customers that you’re still around. More so, you build strong customer relationship and retain your customers by sending them email newsletters, seasonal greetings and appreciation. Offering discount on your new product/old ones, for your loyal customers. You can just offer tips and guides on a few things, whether business related or not, and build trust among your customers.
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