How To Choose The Right Template For Blogspot Web Design

Blogspot is the CMS owned by Google that is popular for its subdomain. Starting a blog with blogger is easy as you don’t have to worry about hosting. It is already a free hosting done by Google. Blogger is also used to build both static and dynamic websites, and not just a blog centric site.

Blogger as opposed to the more popular CMS WordPress has a limitation in features. But when you know how to tweak it to your suite your needs, you will find out that it’s just as good for web design and development as anyother CMS.

The first thing you think of when you create a blogger site (you can do this simply by going to and sign in with your Gmail) is a theme. Of course, a theme is the first thing people see when they visit your site. The look and feel of your site, the layout, structure and interface is all dependent on your theme. If your website is shabby looking or is not visually appealing, people would not like to visit it, and if they happen by chance land on your site, they don’t spend much time on your site.

Google has changed a few things as regards blogger interface and it is now called the new blogger. This interface is set by default for new sites, so for someone who has used blogger sometime last year and decided to give it another shot this year will notice the changes.

Web Design with blogger is not a difficult task as you do not need any coding. You just have to install the right theme, now template for blogger.

Most times, newbies or starters are often confused on what template they should use for their blogger site. Already, blogger has some themes in its directory, but these themes do not really tell the story of your site, and they do not come with gadgets that add new features to your site.

Blogger can be used to create any kind of website. From personal sites, to portfolio, company, e-commerce, business, restaurant, photography, real estate, construction, education, fund raising and even COVID-19 tracker sites. You just have to find the right template.

Choosing The Right Template For Your Blogger Site
Templates have a huge impact and great role to play on your blogger site. In choosing the right template for your blogger site, there are a few factors you should consider such as SEO, speed, responsiveness, features, and cost, purpose and size.

Let’s start with cost.

You might ask why start with cost? Yes, you should know there are free templates and premium templates. Premium templates give you all customisation control and features while free templates are limited in customisation gadgets and attribution (they attribute the template makers)


The template you choose must reflect your site purpose, that is, what your site is. Eg, if you’re running a personal site or portfolio site, you shouldn’t use a news template for your web design. You shouldn’t just pick any template either because it looks more appealing or probably it’s free. This has a role to play in your website SEO.
There are many templates that represent what your website stands for. Doing a simple Google search with your website keyword will help you find such templates. Eg, Stanoz Designs is a web design and development website. We can’t use any template, even an agency template, but only a web design and development template.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. The first step in the SEO journey for your blogger website starts with a template. You should use SEO optimized templates for your blogger site as this helps boosting your site appearance in search engines. You can know SEO optimized sites by reading the description of the template.


Fast loading sites are not only pleasing to your site’s visitors but is good for SEO as well. People will not like to visit a website that takes longer than 5 seconds to load. There are fast loading templates available, some free, some premium. You can also test a template’s speed using certain speed testers such as and Just copy the template url and paste it into space or space to test it’s speed. A good fast loading site should be below 5.0 seconds.


The size of the template also has impact on your site performance. A good site should be less than 3MB in size.


Your website must be responsible, that is, it must adapt to different screens on its own while presenting the same content. If your website is not responsive, then you would have images appearing too big than the text or some text going out of line to be longer than the rest. Responsiveness majorly deals with mobile screen (smartphones) as most people access the internet with it. So you must look for a responsive template for your blogspot site.


Features has to do with a few things like sliders. Sliders come in handy when you want to attract readers attention and keep them longer on your site.

Most templates are multi-purpose, that is they can serve as fashion, lifestyle and travel. Others combine news, magazine. But always endeavour to find the template that best matches your website.

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