The Fundamentals Of Front End And Back End Development You Need To Know: The Beginners Guide

Are you a front end developer or back end developer? This is what you should have the answer to as you begin your career in programming.

 In this article, we will look at:

  • Front End Development (what it is)
  • Front End Programming Languages
  • Front End Development Jobs/salaries
  • Back End Development (what it is)
  • Back End Programming Languages
  • Back End Development Jobs/Salaries
  • Front End And Back End in Web Development

Front End Development.

What is Front End Development?

When you open a website on the internet, you are greeted with a fast loading page. Then your eyes meet attractive, visually impressive and retina ready site. Then you scroll through and sliders slide past showing you some eye catching content. You click, and then a pop up comes up telling to subscribe in order to get latest content delivered straight to you. This is simply the work of a web developer. But, the impressive visuals you see are actually the work of a kind of web developer called the front end developer.

So Front End Development is the programming aspect of web development that manages the visuals and interface of a website, application or software. And a front end developer is a program that creates and codes the visual properties – elements, pages, style, colours, structure, interface, of a website, an application or software.

All the look and feel of a website, are done by a front end developer. Also the interface – interaction between the user and the site is also done by a front end developer. Front end development can also be referred to as client side development.

Front End Development Programming Languages

To begin a career in front end development, you need to know some programming languages. These are called front end programming languages. They include:

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language):

This is the very build of a website. It is the foundation on which your website is built, just like a house. The latest version of it is the HTML5, but you should start with HTML before moving to HTML5. The HTML consists of header <head><head/>, body <body><body/> and footer. These are your website’s main structure.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet):

This the styling manager of website. CSS codes are responsible for things such as text colour, background colour, slider, layout, font and so on. CSS describes how HTML elements are displayed on a screen.


Simply JavaScript, it is a multitasking language that can also be used for server side coding.

Another aspect of front end development is the UI/UX design. This is the coding that is responsible for responsiveness and interaction of a website. A UI designer knows CSS and HTML as he uses it in visual designing.
A UX designer studies the website to know how users interact with and use the site.

Front End Development Jobs/Salaries

Job titles for a front end developer include:

  • Front End Developer
  • Web designer
  • UI/UX designer
  • Front End JavaScript Application Developer
  • Front End Web Designer
  • Front End Developer
  • Front End Accessibility Expert

The salary of a front end developer ranges from $50k to $100k, and can get higher depending on experience and skills.

Back End Development

Back End Development refers to the server side programming which is focused on how the site works. You can say that backend development deals with maintenance of a website, application or software. Back end developers monitor the website functionality to ensure smooth running, speed, makes updates and changes on the website.

So whenever you hear of website maintenance, then you know there’s a backend developer doing the job.
Back End Development usually involves three parts– a server, an application and a database. The programming of a backend developer is what communicates database information to the browser.

Back End Development Programming Languages

The languages you need to learn and know as a back end developer include:


Python is a general purpose high level language that is used for developing websites, softwares, robotics, operating systems, web apps and games.


Mostly known as .NET framework, it is a software development programming language developed by Microsoft.


The most popular high level object oriented programming language used for creating applications and games. Apps created with Java are mostly desktop apps as the java coding enables app scripts to be run on computers.


PHP is a general purpose scripting language used mainly for server side web development.


Ruby according to Wikipedia is an interpreted, general purpose, high level language with a focus on simplicity and productivity.

Back End Development Jobs/Salaries

As backend developers also know front end developing, they can also be called Web Developers.

  • Backend Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Fullstack Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Software Developer

The salary of a backend developer ranges from $60k to $140k. They are paid higher because they do more complex work that involves server and database because if they don’t do updates or monitor a website, the website may crash due to server overload.

Front End And Back End In Web Development

Having known the fundamentals of Front End and Back End Development, what they are, what their various developers do. Now you will know the major differences between them and know what exactly they mean in web development.

Front End Development is used mainly for creating static sites. These are one page sites where all information is displayed on the home page.

Back End Development is used to create dynamic websites. These are websites with many pages and content (text and image)

A Developer who does both front end and backend is a full stack developer.

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