How To Choose The Right Domain For Your Website: A Definitive Guide

Domain is your website name. Just as a book name, it should be short and easy to remember. 

What is a Domain Name?

When you walk into the library, probably one you normally visit, and you heard about this interesting novel, or you just need to make some research from another book. You cannot start looking for the book out of the blues. The library is like a catalogue with many books of different sizes and volumes, colours and shapes. But they all have one distinctive feature in common, a name. With the name of the book, you can easily identify it in whichever section of the library it is located. A domain name is simply your website name.

How does it work?

A domain name makes it easy for a website or blog to be found in the internet. It is a simpler form of an IP address.

What is an IP (Internet Protocol) Address

This is the unique number assigned to every computer (smartphones included). IP addresses look like this People wouldn’t want to input those numbers whenever they want to access your website, and it wouldn’t be cool if your website domain is just sets of numbers. This is where domain names come in. Just like an IP address distinguishes computers on the internet, so also does domain names distinguish websites.

Types of Domain Name

Now that you’ve known what a domain name is and how it works, let’s see the types of domains there is to help you better understand it.

Domain Name: eg stanozdesigns

Top Level Domain TLD: This is the highest domain in the DNS (Domain Name System). A DNS is the database that connects an IP address to its corresponding domain name. This is usually owned by a registrar (where you purchase a domain). Eg

Domain names must have an extension, called domain name extension or just domain extension. This is what makes your domain visible in the internet. You don’t have to register your domain because the extension is already registered. You just have to purchase a domain from a registrar or hosting company and add the extension you want eg (.com is a top level domain extension for the domain Google).

Subdomain: eg Here, . blogspot is a subdomain for the top level .com registered for stanozdesigns domain.

How To Choose The Right Domain For Your Website.

Your website domain should be unique and easy to remember. Just like stanozdesigns. In choosing a domain name, first make sure it is unique and reflect your website purpose. That is, if your website is a personal website, then your domain should bear your name. If it is a business website, your business name should be your domain name, same goes for a company.

This should be done before purchasing a domain from a registrar or hosting company. Each hosting company enables you to search your domain to see if there are any other existing domains with the same name. This is where the uniqueness comes in.

Most times some companies have difficulty in choosing a domain name because their company name is probably long. If you need advice or help in choosing a domain name, be.sure to contact us with the contact form below and we would be happy to help.

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