How To Drive Unlimited Website Traffic From Facebook Free Basics

Traffic is king but most times the king is rare to see. Most website owners are often clueless on sourcing traffic for their site. Advertising and SEO can be a great way to get traffic, but it’s always a bit of a hustle for beginners and new websites.

While there maybe a few sources of real traffic, and tons of it such as Google News, Microsoft News, Opera News, there is one other which will fetch you 10,000+ daily traffic for your website/blog.

Facebook Free Basics is the answer. This is a platform from Facebook that offers Free Basics users news in different sections and categories. But then this news comes from websites, and most times, it’s not limited to news sites alone.

So how do you add your site to Facebook Free Basics.

Simply search Free Basics on Google and sign up with your Facebook account.

Or click here Free Basics: Facebook for developers

Click on Submit your service on their site.

On the dashboard, click on new site submission.

Then add your contact information. Here you click on c”a business name” to see your Facebook business account if you have one, or you click on “or Enter New Business Name” I would suggest you use your Facebook page name for your site but if you don’t have this either, you can just use your Facebook account name

Then add your site information

Then scroll down to add url to add your site address and test it.

Afterwards you read the terms and conditions and agree to it, then click on submit

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