How To Monetize Your Apps And Games With Facebook And Make Money

Alot of people have heard about Facebook ads, but that is only for advertising your business with your Facebook business manager account. But do you know you can make money from Facebook with your applications and games.

Welcome to the Facebook Audience Network. This platform is not new, just because you may not have heard about it. Facebook Audience Network has been around since 2014. With it, you get to monetize your games and other apps, just like Google Admob and make money from app or game traffic.

Creating an app or a beautiful game is one thing, and making money from same is another. Google Admob isn’t the only as network for apps.

Facebook Audience Network supports both android and iOS apps and games.

How do you do this?

• First, login to your Facebook business manager account or create one if you don’t have.

•  From the Ads Manager in your Facebook business account, add the application you want to monetize.

• Integrate SDK

• Create a placement of the kind of ads you want to show on your app.

• Add payment information. Your earnings will be deposited in your bank account on monthly basis.

• Then sit back and earn money with Facebook.

The Facebook Audience Network not only monetizes your app but also helps you drive traffic by right targeted advertising and marketing of your app

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