How To Create A Food Blog For Your Restaurant And Make Money

Today, many businesses are going digital. With a website, you can attract more customers from all over the world and Increase profit. Whether physical or online, people get to see the different types of delicacies you cook and can even order for a delivery.

But it doesn’t end there. You can make money from just your business restaurant website, especially with the lockdown brought about by Coronavirus. You can simply create a food blog on your site and start blogging about the different foods there are, spices, recipes and even how to prepare certain foods.

To create a blog, when you already have a website,

For a wordpress website, simply:

Login to your website admin dashboard

Click on pages

Click on add new page

Type Blog on the Add New Title and leave everything else as it is. Then click save page.

Go back to your admin panel and click on appearance.

Click on menus. This will take you to your site menu,

scroll up till you find pages,where you will see all of your site pages.

Locate your newly created Blog pages and tick the corresponding box before it.

Click on add to menu. You can alternatively scroll to menu settings and check the “automatically add new top level pages to this menu”, to save you stress of having to add your pages one by one.

Then click on save menu

Go back to the admin panel, click on posts, click on categories.

Create a new category with the name Blog. Type Blog also in the slug section. Leave everything else as it is. Then click on Add New Category in blue to save your new category.

Then head over to posts section and start creating those awesome recipes. Always remember to add the category “blog” to each post you write for them to automatically appear in blog sections.

For a blogspot site (blogger)

Login to your dashboard

Locate the site you want to create blog.

Click on pages on the left side of your admin dashboard.

Add title as Blog then save.

Go back to your dashboard and click on posts.

On the top section, click on the first black arrow-like icon you see, a pop up will appear, click on create new label.

Add the name as Blog and save.

Then click on Add new post to start adding your content.

Click on labels to check if your post is set to Blog, if it is, you will see Blog, then click on done and continue with your posting. If you don’t see Blog, type Blog in the space provided, then click on done. You only get to do this once as all your posts will now have Blog as label.

Then head to layout on your dashboard.

Click on main menu

On the name box, type Blog

On the url, type in your blog url/link. To do this easily, simply visit your site home page on a new tab or another browser, you will find your blog, click to open it, then copy the link. Come back and paste in the url box, then click save.

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