Best Way To Make Money And Battle COVID-19 Amidst Lockdown: A Complete Guide

The novel coronavirus disease, NCD came with a bigger problem than just the virus itself. This problem affected more people than the virus, especially businesses. Coronavirus came, along came lockdown, alas, economic meltdown. The world economy suffered a huge blow, even the largest economies of the world, America, China, were the worst hit. Why is this, simply because the general workforce was hindered. Workers from whom tax is been deducted, from whom sales are made, production, manufacturing, distribution and so on were asked to stay at home. With no one to be in the production lines, production stopped.

And hence production stopped, income, profit and revenue stopped as well. And so did tax, licenses and so on stop. No importation and exportation to pay duty fee, import/export duty, no music and movie production, Bence no royalties and selling of songs.  These are what makes up the economy.

But then what can be done? Should everyone just fold their hands and watch the economy melt? Businesses would still have to thrive, salaries still need to be paid.

Then the internet came with an answer. Companies despite being on lockdown and observing social and physical distancing rules now have reduced number of workforce to keep the economy going. CEOs and Chairmen of boards would still have regular meeting and conferences. This is where the technology of video conferencing comes in.

Now, take Zoom as a case study. The CEO of zoom made 4 billion dollars in just three months of coronavirus. What, Why, How, What? Yes, that’s simply because the number of users of the zoom app increased from 10 to 200 million.

Even Google play store has seen a significant increase in download of applications, especially games. Netflix and other movies streaming and download websites as well as music, also reported increase in revenue.

The truth of the matter is that while the rest of the world are shutting down, the internet is opening. With no one going anywhere to make payments, the need for mobile money operators and online payment website Increases and so did their revenue and income.

And now the Coronavirus tracker sites and application came on board. The current largest Coronavirus tracker which is now the largest site in the world with over 100 million daily pageviews, should have made billions of dollars, just that the owner and developer doesn’t want to monetize it–bless him for that. Even on our blog, just after this article, you get to see daily Coronavirus world stats. You just have to bookmark our page and keep coming back for daily updates.

The best way to make money and battle COVID-19 amidst lockdown is the internet. Online means, and that includes websites, applications and softwares.

Make your money even while at home and have something after the pandemic is over, so that you don’t come out of Lockdown with a broke ass.

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