3 Simple Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

Get your business in front of millions of internet and social media users. Billions  of people are either online or searching the web, thats a billion potential customers/clients

First of all, what is a website?

A website is a page on the internet, simply put. See the internet as one big book, and a website is just a page. So you know one page doesn’t make a book, and as there are many pages In a book, so are there many websites on the internet. Also, to get a clearer picture and better understand how a website works, see it as a house. Take your estate to be an internet space, and the houses in it are each one a website. So having a website is like having your own house on the internet.

How it works

Just as your house needs to look good and attractive, first on the outside and then in the inside, talking of the furnishing. And you just don’t buy a land and start building anything, you will end up having something that gives children nightmares when they see it. You have to hire an architect that will draw your plan, and you will have to know what type of house you want, either a bungalow or a terraced house, a detached, semi detached or duplex. Then you hire a contractor who follows the plan and starts building your house. After which you call in the services of an interior designer to furnish the inside of your house, or you can do that yourself anyway.

That’s just simply how a website works. First you have an idea, that is if you don’t already have a business. Then you call the services of a website designer like STANOZ DESIGNS to build and develop your site, according to your own ideas. If you’re going to have a blog in your site, that’s if it is a business website, you just start blogging (writing articles on your blog/website).

Why do you need a professional web designer

Just as not everyone can build your house to avoid it collapsing in the future, not everyone can design and develop your site. That is why you need STANOZ DESIGNS to deliver on that. 

Cost of building a website.

This rather depends on you and your budget as wellwas the typetof site you want. The cost of building a bungalow is not the same aa building a duplex, just as the size, structure, plan and design varies, so also does the cost of building websites vary. But whatever your budget is, STANOZ DESIGNS will give you a professional service, with added bonuses.

Your website needs:

A domain name: eg stanozdesigns.blogspot.com

A hostingthis is your like your land where your house is built. Without a land, you can’t build a house, just as without hosting, you websites is not visible in the internet and only exists in your computer (as a developer). STANOZ DESIGNS will help you getting the right domain name that will be attractive and easy to remember for your visitors, and a good hosting provider as well as a good hosting plan, so that your site will not crash when traffic spikes.

So why do you/your business need a website.

This is a very critical question. You might be doing good, you have a string of loyal customers and your profit is steadily coming in, but are just going to stop there. This is the 21st century, the computer age, which I personally call the internet age. Going back to our case study- a house, there are many houses, say estate or just a house you want to sell or rent, so there are many out there doing the same thing you’re doing. Then you see it that you are already in a competition, though silent and unnoticed. So when you are in a competition, do you say, “well, everyone will finish the race”, then you just jog or walk. You will end up being a loser and a laughing stock. 
You are a musician, an artist, what better way to promote your song or artwork and get more people to buy it than a website. 

So the reasons for a website are:

1 Exposure

Having a website gives your business an edge over others and makes it stand out, thereby increasing revenue.

Turn the billions of internet users to customers with a professional business/personal website and watch your revenue grow.

2 Increased profit

When more people get to know your business, especially from far our, and with just the click of a button on your site, they order for your product and service, that is increase in revenue. Say you have a restaurant website and your restaurant is located somewhere in a locality. Someone even, nearby, in or outside your locality, sees the advert of your restaurant, clicks on it and lands on your site. Then the visitor is already in your restaurant because he gets to see all the foods you have. He only just needs to make an order, without even physically walking in to your restaurant. 

3 Extra income

Yeah, with a website, you can make extra money when your site is monetizd, and STANOZ DESIGNS helps you do this for free as a bonus. There are many ad networks that pay publishers (site owners) for the traffic generated from your their site. The most popular one is AdSense. So you see, you make money from your website, as well as your business.

You can contact us today to get your website ready and get your ideas online

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